Month: December 2018

Apartment in bright colors

This project was created in a modern style for a young lady and her daughter. The accommodation is configured as two apartments joined together. The area is 88 m2. The apartment is divided into two areas: private and common. The...

/ December 25, 2018

Office Furniture | ZZETA S.A.S

Together with the designer Pablo Rodriguez we created a furniture line for the company ZZETA S.A.S. The demands of the new market and trends in office furniture, force us to design things that are easy to assemble and comfortable when...

/ December 22, 2018

Young artist apartment

An inspiring minimalistic area for young atrist with scandinavian motives. The main colours are achromatic, also we have chosen some natural colour as accent. This interior project is cozy, bright and full of natural materials and nature elements because it...

/ December 18, 2018

Attic arrangement in the loft style

inspiration for the creation of this project were lofts. The Idea of loft style was possible cause, general arrangement of attic is perfect for this kind of design. Wood and concrete were main materials, on which I based the concept

/ December 17, 2018


Project: WizeLine Company Office Location: Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City Design by: Win Architects Work scopes: Interior design & build Finished year: 2018 Owner: Wizeline Product Development & Design. Office is to work, it is obvious, because no one paid...

/ December 11, 2018


MODERN VISUALIZATION LIVING ROOM Living room visualization is located in the heart of the West Village. She executed in modern style that rarely does without plenty of panoramic windows. Living room visualization did not become an exception; therefore, future lodgers...

/ December 10, 2018


Visualization hall in a two-story house. The rooms are in shades of gray. Many do not attach importance to the hallway, as they spend little time in it. Certainly this is a big mistake. Hall should be no less comfortable...

/ December 7, 2018