Month: February 2019

Bedroom for teenage girl

A room for a teenager who enjoys art and wants to become a graphic designer in the future. It was important to create a space in which she could relax, receive guests and practice her hobby. A large working space...

/ February 18, 2019


The painting of the office of the company “Waves Platform” by STFNV X FGA. The Waves Platform is a global public blockchain platform. The task of the design project is to reflect the company’s high-tech vector in the office mural....

/ February 11, 2019

Basrelief For Modern Flat

Friends, I want to finally present you a project the completion of which we looked forward to. This is a bas-relief in the living room based on the paintings by Georgian artist Lado Gudiashvili “Green Nymphs” and now is in...

/ February 1, 2019