Month: August 2019

Maia freedon meshes

We design ideal air spaces to carry out the activities that most free you and connect with you and your home. It is designed for double height spaces allowing maximum use of interior and creating new sensations and textures.

/ August 30, 2019

kitchen design

The design was taken on purely functional and aesthetic grounds. The basic geometric elements of this configuration are combined to fit the function of this space. Appropriate materials were used to suit the stressful and repetitive nature of the work....

/ August 11, 2019


This is my first interior design project. Designed it while practicing visualizing an interior scene on 3ds Max. i just wanted it to be simple, stylish and comfortable. I’ll keep learning and trying to improve so if you have any...

/ August 9, 2019

Department – France.

Diseño de interiores para Departamento, se trabajó el diseño de la Sala, Diseño de muebles y comedor, Cocina y estantería, Baños y Ducha, Dormitorios y Terraza según el concepto entregado por el cliente. Este departamento es un piloto para el...

/ August 7, 2019

Y HOUSE – Home Office

Interior Desing & CGI: Y HOUSE Year: 2019 IG: Behance: We created an alternative environment to work at home. We consider that if you want to work at home, you should isolate from family distractions. In this case,...


Project: DIEU_HOUSE Owner : Truong Thi Dieu Located: Da Nang, VietNam, Area: 100 m2 Project Year: 2019 DIEU_HOUSE, This project is located in Da Nang, a central coastal city of Viet Nam. The climate in this area is rather extreme...

/ August 1, 2019