Month: December 2019

Yeşilyurt Office Center

Standing at the juncture of the two principal seaports for trade along the Marmara Sea, the Yeşilyurt Office Center was designed as a paragon to global business development within one of Istanbul’s most sought-after residential neighborhoods. This ongoing project is...

/ December 5, 2019

Mini Playroom Design by Eli Pena

Small room tailored for a 4-year-old girl to develop her creativity. Inspired Scandinavian Style, peaceful and simple. Our teamwork making it perfect details like the closet with natural fronts, versatile and practical game table for storing toys, shelves in the...

/ December 4, 2019

Modern style in Hado Centrosa apartment

Hado Centrosa is one of the hottest urban areas in Ho Chi Minh City. It is designed in a modern, cool and airy way in the heart of the bustling city. With the surrounding facilities along with the airy greenery...

/ December 1, 2019