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Douglas Elliman, California Headquarters

The 11,000 sq ft California Headquarters for Douglas Elliman Real Estate and Development was constructed in 2017 in Beverly Hills, CA. The office space is a classic, timeless architectural interior to reflect the national identity and brand of Douglas Elliman.

/ January 7, 2020

Yeşilyurt Office Center

Standing at the juncture of the two principal seaports for trade along the Marmara Sea, the Yeşilyurt Office Center was designed as a paragon to global business development within one of Istanbul’s most sought-after residential neighborhoods. This ongoing project is...

/ December 5, 2019

Office interior in Kerch city ( Crimea )

The project was developed for a construction company that opened its office on the territory of a residential complex under construction. The design of the office is simple and restrained, more suited to a minimalist style. The space is divided...

/ November 30, 2019


The project of the Doterra offices, a company specialized in the elaboration of essential oils required a very specific program for the benefit of its own operation. The corporate and training area had to be together an communicated but with...

/ September 6, 2019

UKRBUD flagship office

New office interiors for Ukraine real estate developer company was designed by AVG group of companies team. The project of UKRBUD’s interiors project was developing during 8 months. The designing and realization of the project took place during this period....

/ March 6, 2019

GT office

Office of GT company which deals with trading and transit of liquefied hydrocarbon kinds of gas. The aim was to create a new office for the expanded company. Our task was to reflect the specifics of the company, to organize workplaces,...

/ March 6, 2019


The painting of the office of the company “Waves Platform” by STFNV X FGA. The Waves Platform is a global public blockchain platform. The task of the design project is to reflect the company’s high-tech vector in the office mural....

/ February 11, 2019

p u r p l e

Communication agency aimed at creating new standards in the world of communications and digital technologies. The space of complex geometry in the corner of the building occupies an area of ​​240 square meters. All office space is open and permeable,...

/ January 23, 2019

Happy Chic Group | Shanghai

Happy Chic Group Design by BMB Workplace Design Location: Shanghai, China Area: 1,200 square meters Building: Yunhai Office Tower Interior Design for the office of the Happy Chic Group in Shanghai. An interesting work for the French Fashion Design company...

/ January 21, 2019

SkyPalace | Shanghai

A global network of blockchain technology incubators educating, nurturing and supporting a global community of leading edge innovators. Sky Palace will accelerate technology into a future that leading innovators envision. By allowing ambitious and free thought and an inclusive environment...

/ January 20, 2019

Safran | Beijing

Safran S.A. is a French multinational aircraft engine, rocket engine, aerospace-component and defense company. The design of their office in Beijing is the result of an extremely precise and well planned management of the available space, bringing a sharp, professional...

/ January 20, 2019


Project: WizeLine Company Office Location: Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City Design by: Win Architects Work scopes: Interior design & build Finished year: 2018 Owner: Wizeline Product Development & Design. Office is to work, it is obvious, because no one paid...

/ December 11, 2018