Category: Closets

Apartment inTurovskogo str., Minsk.

This is an 65 square meter apartment for a single mature man who travels a lot and has a dynamic rythm of life. The project is made in the modern style, highly functional and there are pryncipally used natural materials....

/ April 6, 2017

“Private villa_007” United Arab Emirates

This project showcases one of our latest works in year 2016, a twin villa of total 600 square meters in the heart of United arab Emirates, with a beautiful view towards jawdropping desert on one side and stunning skyline of...

/ February 10, 2017

Luxury one-room appartment “Oasis”

The customers did not realize what actually could be done with this space. Nevertheless, one thing was evident – 34 square meters could accommodate the required minimum for a living, and maybe for a couple of guests. This space without...

/ February 8, 2017