A residence project, the main ideia is the connection between the kitchen and the dining table, a place designed for large families in small spaces. Using materiails like wood and warm lightng to give the feeling of comfort to the place.

This project designed for a residence in Brazil, has as initial idea to meet the demand of a large family in a small residence, we seek to meet the need to bring integration between the spaces for gain of area in the residence, with this, we made a kitchen, meeting all needs and joining with the dinner table.

we sought to choose modern materials for a modern family, we wanted the feeling of comfort in the kitchen but at the same time cool, for this we chose to work mainly with wood, metal, concrete, warm lights and a little green, the composition of materials brought a great balance to space.

The final result of this scene in particular pleased us more than we expected, we were happy for the composition choices we made, the balance between materials with warm lights made the space comfortable, modern and elegant. As a final tip, always stay informed, looking for references to keep abreast of all that’s new.

  • Interior Designer: Clava3D


Clava3d is a studio for architecture visualization, seeking to inspire new academics and architects to improve their understanding of architecture.

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