Tag: 3d

Bedroom in the attic of light colors

Project of a bedroom in a confined space in an attic with a soft zone. the customer wants a modern, strict design, with dark and burgundy colors, with elements of vegetation, rose gold and decor, besides all to save space...

/ August 4, 2018

Israel I Apartment

The project of the residential house. I make this project for a client from Israel, she wants a strong modern apartment with black materials which have contrast with materials/fixtures/textures with many plants. The project was developed strictly by reference. The...

/ July 20, 2018

Concrete Living Room

This is a little personal project that I did aiming to improve both artistic and technical skills. It was entirely designed and produced in Blender. I personally love this kinds of ambient with rough materials like brick walls or rough...

/ September 20, 2017