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Apartment Interior Design

The project is for a 200 square meter apartment, located in Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Our client had somehow a concept of the design in his mind and we helped them to finalize that idea, ensuring a nice and beautiful...

/ August 1, 2018

Moon Cafe

It’s a Cafe Restaurant in KSA with two floor level seating and lounge. The concept of the shop is industrial look with epoxy style flooring and old style brick walls. Its about 112 sqm shop. With a custom made ceiling...

/ April 4, 2018

Set Furniture for designer Federico Churba

In 2017, I worked with the argentinian designer Federico Churba. The objective of the project was to show their furniture, in interior renderings. We define a modern places, in which the furniture fits well. We finish by defining the 2...

/ February 22, 2018