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Saint-P Apartment

This apartment with a total area of 44 m2 is located in an old house in the center of St. Petersburg, Russia. The customer is a young American who will come here for a few weeks or rent this apartment....

/ August 3, 2017

Small Bedroom

Small bedroom is a space of only 15 square meters. The goals was to design a bedroom for client, who was looking for something unique, natural and bright. The main idea of this project is to be pleasant and breathable....

/ July 7, 2017

Factorial Complexity office

This office was designed for a team of young IT professionals who needed a new space for their fast growing company. The main aim was not only to make high-quality spaces for a formal work process but also comfortable and...

/ June 19, 2017

Apartment inTurovskogo str., Minsk.

This is an 65 square meter apartment for a single mature man who travels a lot and has a dynamic rythm of life. The project is made in the modern style, highly functional and there are pryncipally used natural materials....

/ April 6, 2017

Lady Loft

The apartment is 46 sq.m. for the ladies, not burdened by family circumstances. Use only natural materials: brick, wood, glass, metal, concrete. The interior furnishings and materials of such firms have been used as Ligne Roset, BoConcept, Flos, Barcelona Designe,...

/ February 12, 2017

Living area

Quick personal project inspired by Norm Architects, I made this project to test corona render for the first time and from now i will use corona only The style i tried to simulate is old minimal style to give the...

/ December 24, 2016

Design of an apartment project in Chelyabinsk

This project was created in team with the designer of Maria Telminovoi. She was engaged in the concept of design, and I in turn, brought the ideas in it, and was also engaged in process of visualization of this project....

/ December 23, 2016


This project is designed for a construction company located in Konya,TURKEY. I wanted to design a project that would appeal to the general public. Because this building will have 40 residences. Project renderings were made in 3ds max program, vray...

/ November 6, 2016

Relaxing Living Room

This apartment is located in Cairo overlooking a golf area. The client wanted to create a comfortable living space. I used a white Neutral colors with natural wood which gives the relaxation mood. Modeled in sketchup and rendered with vray.

/ October 18, 2016

Studio Apartment

This studio apartment is located in the heart of Paris overlooking the Eiffel Tower. Inspired by my travels I did with my boyfrend to the city, I wanted to create a space that would be warm and inviting with a...

/ October 13, 2016

ARTctic-Bathroom Interior

This bathroom attempts to establish superb space utilization. The fantasy in white incorporates elements of winter landscapes in its interior. We’re whisked away into a snowy fairy tale. The walls capture the magical Aurora Borealis in its designs, while the...

/ September 28, 2016

Living room and kitchen in loft

This project was intended for nice young family, who wanted to make the house modern, beautiful, unusual, but at the same time warm and welcoming. They wanted to surprise family and friends with its interior, but that they do not...

/ August 11, 2016