Design of a residential laundry.
The laundry covers a spacious floor space of 6.90 m2. With many plants and simple and functional solutions in neutral carpentry, the highlight in this service area was the wall with Eucalyptus green paint. The project sought to optimize the space with cabinets for storage.

He particularity of this laundry is a clear and functional solution in the cabinets and the use of contrast materials (wall green paint).
In addition, the laundry has a large sink with a cabinet (width 60cm). and a lot of convenient shelves on which you can place decoration itens, household chemicals, etc.

Laundry are spaces that have an increased level of humidity; therefore, only high-quality moisture resistant materials should be used. I utilized a ceramic coatings and painting the walls with waterproof paint, against moisture. The space of laundry has too a large cabinet and beautiful for storage with LED lighting.

With this project I learned better to design cabinets and choose materials suitable for the use of the environment, always seeking simple and functional solutions. Also, I was inspired in nature to create the project, making use of the green, which brought beauty to the project.

  • Architect: Marianne Domeneghetti

Posted by Marianne Domeneghetti Crepaldi

Architect, Brazil.

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